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Walk Behind Power Rake

Walk-Behind - Model 365

The walk-behind model 365 Preseeder landscaping power rake has been designed to minimize expensive hand labor. Till soil, level grades, and rake stones to create better seedbeds in areas that before could only be reached with hand rakes.

The model 365 allows a single operator to work in those tight, hard-to-reach areas that used to demand so much time. The walk-behind Preseeder quickly prepares the soil for seeding, much faster than a hand rake!

  • 36"- wide rotor with carbide teeth welded in helical pattern
  • 13-hp Honda engine
  • Hydrostatic transmission with reverse
  • Differential Lock
  • 10-position depth control
  • Angles left, right or straight
  • Large, lug-type drive tires
  • Flat-proof caster wheels
Model 365
Engine 13-hp. Honda GVX390
Transmission Hydrostatic forward & reverse
Differential Lock Standard equipment, foot pedal engagement
Rotor Width 36"-wide, helical pattern with carbide teeth
Rotor Final Drive #40 O-ring chain
Depth Control 10-Position, Manually-adjusted
Controls Adjustable ground speed control, 6-position angle adjustment, low-effort PTO clutch
Width 42-3/8"
Weight 590 lbs.
Order Code 200-032-000