Power Rakes

Walk Behind

Walk Behind Power Rake

Walk-Behind - Model 365

Turf Teq, LLC has taken over all sales and support for the Model 365 Walk-Behind Preseeder.

Please visit or call 484-798-6300 for sales and parts inquiries.

Model 365
Engine 13-hp. Honda GVX390
Transmission Hydrostatic forward & reverse
Differential Lock Standard equipment, foot pedal engagement
Rotor Width 36"-wide, helical pattern with carbide teeth
Rotor Final Drive #40 O-ring chain
Depth Control 10-Position, Manually-adjusted
Controls Adjustable ground speed control, 6-position angle adjustment, low-effort PTO clutch
Width 42-3/8"
Weight 590 lbs.
Order Code 200-032-000

Tractor Mounted

Tractor Mounted Power Rake

Hydraulic Angle - Models 605, 725 & 805

It is with regret that ATI Corporation announces it will cease production of the Preseeder landscaping tiller product line in September 2020. The Preseeder tiller debuted in 1983 and enjoyed a reputation as a leader in quality, durability, and as a producer of a prime seedbed finish.

All current outstanding whole goods orders will be fulfilled, and ATI Corporation will continue to support service parts for tractor-mounted machines in the field.

Models Roter Width Required HP Weight Order Code
605 60" 20-30 1055 lbs. 200-019-000
725 72" 25-45 1160 lbs. 200-022-000
805 80" 25-45 1215 lbs. 200-020-000