Loader Attachments

Quick Attach Adapters

  • Money-saving Quick attach adapters make attachments and loaders compatible
  • Compact, simple, and durable design

Quick Attach Adapters
Type Mounts To Weight Order Code
Euro/Global Quick Attach - Figure A JD 500-series 82 lbs. 100-205-000
John Deere 145-146-148-158 pin-type - Figure B JD 300-400-500-series 142 lbs. 100-208-000
Universal Skid Steer-type Quick Attach - Figure C JD 300-400-500-series 105 lbs. 100-209-000
Euro/Global Quick Attach JD 600-700-series 128 lbs. 100-211-000
Univerisal Skid Steer-Type Quick Attach JD 600-700-series 143 lbs. 100-213-000